Dr. Erin Murphy-Graham

University of California, Berkeley

How can we unlock the transformative potential of Education?

I am a scholar in Comparative and International Education, currently serving as an Adjunct Professor at the University of California, Berkeley in the School of Education. 

Empowerment through Transformative Education

With a focus on empowering education for youth, my research seeks to tap into the transformative potential of education as a tool for social betterment. At the heart of my research is the idea that education, inside and outside of formal schooling, has the power to lead to individual, community, and social change. With a focus on Latin America, I explore how local knowledge can play a central role in defining the quality of education and promoting youth empowerment, with a particular focus on gender inequality.

My work not only identifies promising programs such as the Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial (Tutorial Learning System or SAT), but generates fundamental insights that advance our understanding of core theoretical constructs such as agency and empowerment. My projects employ high-quality, mixed methods research designs, and I enjoy collaborating with scholars from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds. 

Research Projects and Partnerships

Over the past two decades, I have cultivated strong relationships with research partners. Most recently, together with Diana Pacheco, Ph.D. and The Bayan Association in Honduras, I am working on the design and implementation of a curriculum to prevent adolescent pregnancy and early marriage in Honduras, Holistic Education for Youth

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